Sunday, February 12, 2012


When Karen got to the Justice Force's hideout the next night, everyone was rushing around, filling two trucks near the exit. Karen quickly found Dean and looked at him quizzically.

"We're packing up, Spirit. We're moving. Wings was captured by the Watchmen. They could be here anytime."


Wings screamed as the burning liquid flowed through his veins. He hoped his body would just give out, but they kept healing him after every session. He wasn't sure how long he had been here, but it must have been two weeks at least.

He knew they would be bringing the mind-flayer soon, but he had to hold out, in order to save the largest number of people. He was sure that the Force had left on the day of his capture, but there might be some that were away from the hideout. As his body was being stitched together by the serum, he saw one of his interrogators walking toward him with a flayer.

The flayer was a machine with organic tentacles that stripped secrets from one's mind. Flayers were extremely difficult to make, and each had only one use, due to the energy conversion process they used to steal the mind's secrets. He felt it grip his head, then a sensation of his head being torn open, then nothing at all.


Mayor von Haast walked toward the door of the time sphere, anxious to hear the results after the hour-long interrogation. The two interrogators slowly stepped out of the sphere, trying to adjust back to the normal flow of time.

The mayor wasn't in a mood to wait for them to fully adjust. "Well, where are they?"

The lead interrogator shuffled his feet slightly. "We weren't able to get a location."

The mayor's face turned red with rage. "Why not?"

"We applied the mind-flayer too soon. It killed the subject before it could get deep enough into his mind."

"I see." The mayor tapped his cane on the ground, releasing a dark bolt of energy into the two interrogators, turning them to ash instantly. The mayor quickly exited the room to prepare his next move.


Apologies for the delay again. I ended up getting frustrated after what I originally wrote got erased, and I needed a bit of a push to write this portion again. Let me know where to take the next section by Thursday, and I will definitely have the next section up on Saturday.

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  1. The superhero's daughter is being mind controlled by the evil mayor and attempts to kill her father.

  2. laser bears take over the world, deadpool is the only humanoid left

  3. *facepalm*

    I'd like to know what Redline will do when he gets wind of all this.