Sunday, January 29, 2012


Hello again. I'm dreadfully sorry about the delay on the story, but I have a computer now, so we can get back on schedule. To those who have been checking back to see if new parts have been posted, I appreciate it very much. We now return to the interactive story, already in progress...


The stone fort had been abandoned for years, and was rarely visited now, which made it a perfect place for training. Karen watched the person training with the new Redline suit, thinking that it just seemed wrong, seeing someone in that suit. She had found it and saved it when her father had destroyed the rest of his Redline suits.

She thought back to when she brought the rest of the suit to Tweak. He had been shocked at the innovations in the suit, comparing it to the Guardian suits. He had added a few tricks to the suit, as well as a self-sealing mask. All that had been left was to test it out, which Kare had to watch, since she had brought the suit to them in the first place.


Troy Nolinge glided through the streets effortlessly, preparing for what was to come. His part in this was still secret at this point, but he knew it could always be brought to light.

He wasn't really worried about that, because he had prepared for such a possibility. Everything he was most concerned about was under the guard of those he knew could watch them closely. Any and all disturbances would be brought to his attention immediately.

Troy smiled wolfishly. Things were heading toward a major event, and he always liked to be right in the center of them, and often was. He could feel the storm brewing, and drew on its power. Darker days were coming for Dayspring.


Sorry that this section is so short, but I didn't have much to work with this time, but I think that is my own fault, for not advertising the last installment as I should have. There should be no more delays now, so let me know where the story should go! I will be choosing the next suggestion on Thursday, and posting the written portion on Saturday.

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