Saturday, December 10, 2011


Before I begin this section of story, I would like to apologise to all of my readers for the lack of story for the past few weeks. I went through an emergency move, and that has made things a bit tougher to keep up with. I am hoping that this week I can get things back on track. And now... On with the show.

Karen had left the fort for the past four nights. She couldn't remember where the group she had met were hidden, nor had she seen any of the members. She began to doubt that she would ever see them again. She couldn't deny to herself that she liked them, she was just scared. Fear had been a constant factor in her life for years, and she meant to take back the control it had stolen from her.

She entered one of the buildings and began to run up the stairs. The elevators were more likely unstable than not, after the fallout from the gang wars. News reports from the past year had mentioned the number of elevator related deaths in Dayspring were currently the highest in the world. Many of the stairs weren't much safer, but she had quickly learned how to tell which steps to avoid.

After quickly making her way to the rooftop, Karen began to look out over the city. This night, she saw Wings flying nearby, drawing closer by the second. It didn't take her long to realize that he had somehow spotted her, and was now making his way toward her. He landed on the roof between her and the door. "Alright, Spirit. What have you been looking for?" Karen pointed at Wings. "Decide to join us?" Karen simply shrugged. "I suppose you can mime your case to Dean."

With that, he grabbed her, then took off into the night sky. She was a bit freaked out by this, but didn't dare let Wings know. As they began a dive toward the roof of one of the buildings, it began to turn, revealing an opening that they slid into. They blew through the stairwell, the passing floors blurring together. They came to a sudden stop mere inches above the ground. Wings lowered Karen to the ground, where she lay, concerned that the rushing would begin again.

Dean looked down at her, obviously concerned. As Wings took off his helmet, Dean smacked him upside the head. "I thought I told you not to do that anymore!" He looked back at Karen. "Are you okay, Spirit?"

She shook her head slightly, and another young woman rushed over to take a look at her. After a brief examination, she spoke. "She looks fine, she's probably just disoriented."

Wings laughed and gave a wink. "At least she kept her lunch, Doc."

Doc's glare made Wings step back a pace. Dean lifted Karen from the floor and sat her in a chair. "So, Spirit, what brings you here?"

Karen grinned slightly and pulled something from a pouch she had strapped under her coat. The red striped glove was easily recognizable. It was one of Redline's.


Okay, now that we're back on track, submit plot suggestions, and one will be chosen on Thursday to be witten and posted on Saturday. Thank you for your support!

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